04.12.2019 – Is it possible for foreigners to start a one-man business in Poland?

Any foreigner from a EU member state can start and run a one-man business in Poland the same way any Polish citizen can. The foreigner, who’s a non-EU citizen can start and run a one-man business within the Republic of Poland on the same rules as Polish citizens if he/she possesses, for instance:

  • permanent residence permit,
  • long-term EU residence permit,
  • temporary residence permit granted due to studies, or to reconnect with family, or has the long-term EU resident permit issued by another EU state, or is a family member of the foreigner, with whom he/she resided in another EU member state and accompanies him/her, or wants to reconnect with him/her,
  • refugee status,
  • supplementary protection,
  • residence permit due to humanitarian reasons or tolerated residence permit,
  • temporary residence permit and is married to a Polish citizen, who resides in Poland,
  • temporary protection in Poland,
  • valid Polish Card.

Non-EU foreigners, others than those mentioned above, have the right to start and run a one-man business activity only in the form of the following partnerships: limited, limited joint-stock, with limited liability and joint-stock, and to join such partnerships and acquire or purchase their shares, unless international agreements provide otherwise. Most of the time, these are foreigners, who reside in Poland and posses the temporary residence and work permit.