13.03.2019 – News Item about the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre on TVP 3 Szczecin

The regional TV, TVP3 Szczecin, has transmitted a news item about the activities of the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre. The reportage has aired as part of the Arka programme, which tells about important events from the life of the Church within the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The program run on 03.03.2019 and the information about the Centre and the project as well as the media report from the already completed adaptive course can be seen in the following video (from 16th minute):


We’d also like to encourage you to listen to interviews with Anna Ścibior-Butrym – an Integration Consultant – about actions carried out as part of the project, and interviews with Zura Ibragimova – a Culture Consultant, who talked about her experiences connected with coming to Poland from Chechnya as well as her life in our country as seen from the eyes of an immigrant.


Listen to the interview with Anna Ścibior-Butrym

Listen to the interview with z Zura Ibragimova