20.07.2019 – Invitation to the “Welcome to our class” competition

Poland is becoming a country where more and more foreigners find their place. As a result, many schools are attended by pupils from other countries. If in your classroom you also learn such a person or persons and you are in contact with an intercultural environment on a daily basis, we invite you to participate in the competition “Welcome to our classroom”.

Children who are foreigners and attend Polish schools can also take part in the competition by presenting their observations on Poland and positive relations between Polish and foreign students from the perspective of children from other countries.

The competition aims at promoting positive models of building relationships with people from other countries and cultural circles.

In order to partake in the competition, you must prepare a film or artwork on topics related to your classmates in your classroom/closest environment from other countries, testifying to your relationships with people from other countries or cultural circles.

The prizes in the competition are tablets worth about PLN 2000.

More information and application documents are available on the website: