23.01.2020 – Culinary workshops

Starting January 28 2020, we’re going to organize a series of multicultural culinary workshops.

Throughout four meetings, participants will have an opportunity to discover secrets behind the making of some of the most popular dishes of Asian, Ukrainian, Georgian/Chechen and Belarusian cuisines.

During the meetings, cooks will be preparing the dishes in real time and talking about them.  While listening to the rhythms of regional music, the participants will have a chance to try the food and learn about the history and tradition of the regions, from which the dishes originate.

After observing the work of professionals, the participants will be able to try out recipes available at the meetings in the form of brochures with tips on making the dishes presented during the workshops.

If you’re interested in taking part in free workshops, please contact the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre in Szczecin:

Wieniawskiego 5, 71-142 Szczecin,

phone numbers:

+48 515 402 273

+48 507 870 258

e-mail: biuro.fami.szczecin@caritas.org.pl

The number of places is limited.