25.02.2019 Information about the adaptive course

Another (third) adaptive course for the project beneficiaries took place on 19.02.2019. The subjects discussed at the course included:

  1. civil rights and obligations,
  2. types of local and national government authorities,
  3. the Polish school system, healthcare system, social security, benefits, social assistance,
  4. safety and security,
  5. profile of voivodeship institutions tasked with integrating immigrants,
  6. labour law,
  7. rights and obligations of people residing in the Republic of Poland,
  8. elements of entrepreneurship that facilitate the integration of foreigners through promoting social independence in Poland; Polish tradition and culture.

Participants of the course will receive a free meal and a set of course materials (a briefcase, a notebook, a pen, an ID card and a bag) and a textbook with the most important information about living and working in Poland.

If you wish to take part in the course, please report such information to the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre.