30.05.2019 – Horseback Riding Camp for Children

We invite all the kids taking part in the project to join the integration stay which will be held at the Horse Stud in Brzózki, near Nowe Warpno (Policki poviat).

Within the frameworks of the stay provided will be accommodations for 50 children, both foreign and Polish children, from elementary school children to secondary school children (aged 7 to 16).

Each child can invite a classmate or a friend from their neighborhood as an entourage.

Stay Term: 21st through 30th June, 2019

The stay program includes, among other things:

  • preparation and presentation of a cultural program combining elements of the Polish culture with elements of the cultures of the foreign children’s countries of origin
  • Classes on horse leading, grooming, feeding, saddling and horseback riding and the basic occupational health and safety terminology regarding horseback riding and being at stables
  • everyday horseback riding
  • visual arts and cooking workshops encompassing cooking traditional Polish and Ukrainian dishes
  • hitchhiking
  • bonfires, dancing games, games and integration activities
  • sports activities at the pitch
  • recreational activities
  • in-the-field survival games and activities
  • scouting activities (marching in the woods, scouting watches)
  • history talks
  • games and fun activities including elements of the Polish and Ukrainian language

Within the framework of the stay we guarantee accommodations, table-board (4 meals a day), minders’ care, transport and fulfillment of the activities and entertainments being part of the stay program and everyday horseback riding with professional instructors.

The detailed information on and the stay program are available at the Migrant and Refugee Help Center.

In order to go on the stay, one must enter the willingness for participation at the Migrant and Refugee Help Center and fill out the proper documents.

It is necessary you provide your child’s Personal ID (PESEL) number or a certification confirming that your child is under healthcare insurance before the departure for the stay, so that your child can be enrolled for the stay and we can guarantee their safe leisure.