30.03.2020 – Work under a seasonal work permit

A different type of permit than those described here: http://migranci-uchodzcy-szczecin.caritas.pl/en/23-03-2020/ is a seasonal work permit (S-type). Such permit may be obtained if the foreigner is going to perform work in Poland within the scope of activities specified in the Regulation on subclasses of activities according to PKD (Polish Classification of Activity), in which seasonal work […]

23.03.2020 – Working under a work permit

Apart from foreigners who are exempt from the necessity to obtain relevant documents in order to be able to work in Poland legally, which we described here: 29.10.2019 – Who can work in Poland without the work permit? and a simplified procedure consisting in obtaining a statement of the intention to entrust work to a […]

17.03.2020 – Work on the basis of a statement on the intention to entrust work to a foreigner

The basis for having a legal work in Poland is the possession by a foreigner of the following: residence documents which entail the entitlement to work (e.g. the relevant visa or residence permit), documents allowing to enter the Polish labour market or exemption from the requirement to have the above-mentioned permits). We have described the […]