Citizens of third countries (countries outside EU, European Economic Area or Switzerland) and refugees are welcome to our Help Center for migrants and refugees in Szczecin at ul. Wieniawskiego 5.

Under the project we provide:

Integration counselling

At the Information and Advisory Centre you can receive support and information and use specialised legal, psychological, professional and integrational help. As part of integration counselling you can use the computer, the Internet, the printer or ask for help in writing official letters. We also provide help in translation (also certified translations) of documents regarding the legalisation of the stay, validation of foreign studies, school certificates, diplomas or medical documentation. We also provide help in the process of validation of graduation certificates and diplomas issued by schools and institution of higher education in the country of origin in cooperation with the Provincial Board of Education and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Social and life support

In temporary difficult situations we provide social and life support in the form of packages with hygiene articles, reimbursement of the cost of necessary medications or minor medical procedures, reimbursement of the costs of clothes or renting a flat or the costs of staying at the student residence hall.

Polish language courses

Implementation of Polish language courses with elements of the Polish history and culture at appropriate levels for adults and children. The project provides for creation of 5 groups of 12 students. Overall, 60 people will be able to take part in the course. Duration of the course: 60 hours (8 hours a month on average). The course will be addressed at foreigners with the knowledge of Polish on different levels of proficiency.

Legal counselling

We provide legal counselling with regard to: legalisation of stay in Poland, obtaining a work permit, understanding and interpretation of official documents, formulating letters and applications as well as support in representing the foreigner before a competent authority in the course of proceedings resulting in the issuance of a residence permit.

Adaptation courses

As a part of the project we also organise adaptation courses (22 groups, 10 participants per group on average), aimed at the facilitation of social integration of the foreigners by teaching them about their rights and duties as citizens, the issues of safety and the specifics of living in Poland and at lowering the level of alienation and social stigma of the foreigners through social education to raise awareness about the challenges connected to the process of adaptation of foreigners in Poland.

The participants of the course will be provided with refreshments and training materials (folders, notepads, pens, ID badges and bags) and a script with the complete information about contacts with institutions dedicated to foreigners, including the information on the rights and duties during the stay in the territory of Poland, practical information which makes it easier to operate in the Polish legal, professional, educational and administrative systems.

Professional counselling

The participants of the project will be given professional counselling regarding the job market, professional and continuing education for adults, the system of obtaining qualifications in Poland and legal employment agencies. You can also receive help in the preparation of official letters and the process of translating and understanding application forms necessary during hiring procedures. The participants may also learn about employment and civil law contracts, the rules of obtaining support from the job market institutions, about tax settlements (tax system, annual tax returns (PIT) or applying for a NIP [Tax Identification No.] or Regon [business register number]).

Psychological counselling

As a part of the project the participants have the opportunity to take part in sessions with a psychologist, aimed at increasing their self-esteem, conscious career management and effective image creation in the job market. The beneficiaries will be provided support in the difficult moments of change or job searching resulting from a job loss and long-lasting unemployment.

Daycare centre for children

The project also includes a daycare centre with activities for children where they will be given proper care of a teacher and a supervisor. The centre will provide compensatory courses, themed classes and regular cultural events for children: visits to museums, the cinema, the theatre and meetings with the representatives of art and culture.

Inclusion camps for Polish and foreign children

Foreign and Polish children (primary school pupils) will take part in two five-day long inclusion camps in a recreation centre. A total of 100 children will participate in the camp.

A welcome set for childrem

A welcome set will be prepared as a part of the project and it will be given to children with the intention of helping them cope in the new situation. A user-friendly form established with the young audience in mind will have both an informative and a psychological function. The set will include the most important information about Poland from the child’s perspective and it will be used to explain the life circumstances to the children.

Meetings with employers

Two meetings with employers who hire migrants and with employer associations will be held as part of the project.

The objective of the meetings will be to present the prospective employees and their potential to employers who will be able to present the working conditions in their companies and to create the possibility of exchanging experiences with the working staff.