29.04.2020 – Stories of migrants in the form of photo relations under the banner “Journeys close and far”

A series of relations and a photo session have been organized as part of the project under the banner “Journeys close and far”. Learn about 10 people who came to Poland and found their place on Earth here. You will have a chance to discover their stories and better understand the situation of foreigners in Poland. Photo relations reveal the foreigners’ profiles and the stories of their lives, as well as reasons, often outer ones, that encouraged them to come to Poland.


Among other things in Poland, Tetiana appreciates peace the most. Nature is her world, that’s why she’s a graduate of ecology studies. Right now she’s thinking about completing a florist’s course.


David has his own restaurant in Szczecin called Imereti, where he cooks by himself, but sometimes his parents help him too. He points out that the most important thing is for every product to be fresh.


Mrs Hanna’s dream was to buy an Overlock machine, which she can now use to sew almost anything.


In Ukraine, Oksana was a manager at a large company, which distributed stationary and school materials. In Szczecin, she works at „Ukrainoczka” store, where she’s also the manager, and she also started studies to better learn economic vocabulary and the Polish law.


Guilene came to Szczecin from the Republic of Congo with her Polish fiancé.


Botir emphasises that Uzbeks know Poles and Poland well and are very fond of them. Besides, the two nations share history. Today many Polish descendants live in Tashkent, whose ancestors built railways there in the 19th century.


Before coming to Poland, Oleksandra had lived in Italy, where she had become fascinated by Italian cuisine and Italians’ passion for eating.


Nataliia loves traditional Ukrainian embroidery.


Nataliia is a physician by education whose dream is to have her diploma recognized in Poland.


Zura quickly learned to speak Polish fluently and she thinks that the most important thing about living in a foreign country is to try to fit in with its inhabitants, not to remain in a closed group of nationals and stay open to new relations.

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