28.08.2020 – Stereotypes, prejudices and ethnocentrism

As it was previously mentioned, in 2016, “Forbes” published the list of the ten most desirable competencies on the labor market, among which was the ability to work in multicultural environment. Despite growing awareness of intercultural differences, various kinds of communication problems with people from other cultures often arise. One of the most frequently mentioned […]

26.08.2020 – Cultural differences: guidance for people working with people from other cultural backgrounds

Culture is an organiser of our social life of a particular kind, but also some kind of glasses, through which we look at the world. Communities and groups cannot exist without culture. That is why each newly established group develops its own standards of conduct (whether it is a group of friends or a group […]

12.08.2020 – Cultural differences: low or high cultural context

Apart from the differences described above, cultures can also be divided into low-context and high-context cultures. In low-context cultures, an interlocutor speaks frankly what they have in mind and feel and speak freely. A message is formulated directly, without “beating about the bush”. All the information is contained in the message and to understand it […]