05.08.2020 – Cultural differences: long-term orientation

Geert Hofstede, a Dutch sociologist, apart from cultural differences in the dimensions such as: power distance individualism – collectivism, masculinity – femininity, uncertainty avoidance also distinguished the differences between societies in the dimensions of long-term orientation – short-term orientation. Every society retains a link with the past while planning current and future challenges. What differentiates […]

28.07.2020 – Cultural differences – avoiding uncertainty

One of six dimensions of culture identified by Dutch sociologist Geert Hofstede is avoiding uncertainty. This dimension is related to the level of anxiety in society due to threats to the future in new, unknown and uncertain situations. Avoiding uncertainty, which is measured from weak to strong, is an indicator showing society’s attitude to uncertainty […]

22.07.2020 – Cultural differences: trust and distrust

Cultures can also be divided horizontally into the following: high-trust cultures: in the institutions of the state and its citizens towards each other and low-trust cultures. Cultures are also differentiated by the trust that individuals place in them. In cultures with a high level of trust people will trust themselves and institutions. In societies with […]