17.07.2020 – Cultural differences related to the understanding of time and space

The way people perceive time and space is also culturally determined. Nowadays, in Western cultures, time is precisely measured with clocks, we have the impression that it is moving forward. We distinguish between past, present and future. Time can also be cyclic, which means that its main feature is the repetitiveness resulting for example from […]

09.07.2020 – Female and male societies

Dimensions (features) of a culture are measurable aspects of phenomena, which determine important elements of national culture and allow to determine its position in relation to other cultures. Masculinity and femininity dimension illustrates the relationship between men and women due to their social and gender roles and the importance attributed to them. This dimension examines […]

06.07.2020 – Cultural differences: Who is more important? Individual or group?

Another “dimension of culture” which we want to bring closer to you within the cycle related to cultural differences is the issue of whether individual or group is more important in a given society. The division into collectivist and individualist societies proposed by Geert Hofstede, a culture researcher, answers the question of how important and […]