We’d like to invite citizens of third countries (outside of the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland), as well as refuges, to the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre in Szczecin at Matki Teresy z Kalkuty 5 in Szczecin.


Our project offer includes:

Integration guidance

At the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre you can get support and obtain information as well as get specialist help – legal, psychological, vocational and integration. As part of our integration guidance you can use the computer, the Internet, a printer or get help in drawing up official letters. Apart from that, we can help you with translation of your foreign documents (including certified translation) related to, for instance, legalization of your stay, recognition of diplomas, school certificates or medical documentation.

Living and housing support

As part of the Project activities we provide living and housing support based on assigning packages with hygiene products, reimbursement of vital medicine or simple medical procedures, reimbursement of tenancy or student dormitories.


Polish language courses

The project foresees Polish language courses with elements of Polish history and culture at appropriate learning levels. There will be three twelve-person groups. The course will be addressed to foreigners with a different level of Polish language proficiency – different advancement levels with an option to add a specialist module.



Legal advice

We provide legal advice, under which you can get help in: legalizing your stay in Poland, obtaining a work permit, understanding and interpreting official letters, drawing up letters and applications, as well as help in representing foreigners before relevant authorities during the proceedings for obtaining a stay permit.


Adaptive courses

The project also offers adaptive courses, which aim to facilitate societal and civic integration of foreigners by drawing their attention to the importance of civic rights and duties, matters related to safety, the unique nature of living in Poland and lowering the factor of alienation and social stigmatization of foreigners through social education oriented on the awareness of challenges posed by the adaptation process of foreigners in Poland. The course participants will receive course materials and notes.



Vocational guidance

The participants of the project are provided with vocational guidance, which includes information about the labour market, vocational and continuing education of adults, legal job agencies and the system for obtaining qualifications in Poland. You can also get help in drawing up official letters, translations and understanding forms, which filling in required by employment procedures. Apart from that, you can obtain information on types of employment agreement and civil law contracts, rules of using labour market institutions and tax settlement (e.g. tax system, annual income tax return, assign TIN or REGON number).


Psychological guidance

The participants can also take part in psychological sessions based on improving your self-esteem, managing your career consciously, building your image on the labour market effectively. The beneficiaries will get support in difficult times of transition and job seeking related to being laid off and long-lasting unemployment.


After-school club and integration holiday camp for children

We’d like to invite all children to our after-school club at Królowej Korony Polskiej 28 in Szczecin, where we organize teaching-compensatory classes for youngsters. Activities of the club are also connected with periodic encounters with culture: tours to museums, cinemas, theatres and meetings with people from the world of culture and art.

There will also be an integration holiday camp for foreign and Polish children aged 7-15 who take part in the Project. Leisure time spent together will positively influence the integration between Polish and foreign children.