Intercultural dialogue for foreigners

On 31th August, in line with the activities planned under the project, a meeting with institutions working for foreigners took place in Szczecin. It was the first of the two planned events of this type and it was organized in the spirit of intercultural dialogue.  The meeting participants included, among others, representatives of the local educational board, the police and the Caritas Poland Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre. The gathered participants had a chance to take part in a lecture and discussion about the most frequent procedural problems faced by migrants and refugees (the topic was presented by Tomasz Trzaskowski Esq. from the Centre), adaptation of foreign children at schools (by Katarzyna Parszewska and Ewa Klukowska from the Educational Board) and the problem of violence in the so-called family of foreigners (discussed by Marzena Maćkowiak-Pluta, junior inspector of the police department). At the same time, representatives of the mentioned institutions talked about their activities undertaken to offer aid to foreigners in different economic sectors. The meeting was attended by more than 25 people.

The main idea behind such meetings is to establish and tighten the cooperation with institutions and organizations working for the benefit of third country citizens: educational institutions, poviat labour offices, non-governmental organizations, employers, who employ foreigners, Social Welfare Centres, Local Family Support Centres, Local Social Welfare Centres, PZPR etc. Representatives of such organizations could exchange experiences they gained after solving problems faced by migrants, foreigners and that could be beneficial from several perspectives, for instance, information, communication and content-related.