The second issue of our Bulletin

We’d like to invite you to read the second number of our Information Bulletin. This issue is devoted to the topic of the integration of foreigners at the local level, especially in cities. This way of implementing the integration policy is one of the elements of the so-called multi-level migration governance of migration, which allows entities from different levels of the policy to cooperate with each other in order to ensure a comprehensive and efficient problem-solving process.

Therefore, you can find all kinds of articles in the second number of the Bulletin.  The article “Integration policy in cities” describes various approaches adapted by different cities towards the inflow of immigrants, which in the subject literature are defined, in simple words, as inclusion or exclusion. The next article, “Challenges for migrants and entities supporting them”, includes results from research conduced at the local level in the West Pomeranian voivodeship in 2019. In a way, the continuation of this topic is the next article, “the assessment of the situation in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in terms of the integration policy” – referring to the previously presented results. It concludes that so far the West Pomeranian voivodeship has dealt with the guestworkers policy (which is an exclusion strategy). Moreover, the article cites suggestions of experts on how to proceed to encourage inclusion and effective integration rather than exclusion.

The last analysis included in the Bulletin is related to the perspectives of the interested parties themselves, that is, foreigners and the entities supporting them. It quotes the opinions of migrants who have decided to settle in Szczecin. In the article, they share their own views on pros and cons of living in that city. It also includes statements of the representatives of organizations acting for the benefit of migrants in the area (Caritas Poland, Refugees Szczecin), who talk about their activities and identify the most serious issues connected with local integration of migrants.

The complete second issue of the Bulletin can be found in the „download” section of our website.

Feel free to read it!