The third issue of our Information Bulletin

The third issue of our Bulletin has just been released and it’s the second last issue. In it, you can find a series of articles about various aspects related to refugees. For instance, you can read about the significance of language in the refugee discourse – or, if it’s important that we understand who a refugee is in the meaning of the legal definition of the term and in what way it is different from a more general term “a migrant.”  You can also read about the international refugee protection system and global movement trends of refugees. The destination is key here, and it focuses on developing and developed countries. Statistics point to the fact that while in 2020 40% of refugees lived in only five countries around the world, the sole rich western country among them was Germany.

The article on granting international protection in Poland is an important part of the Bulletin, because it analyses changes in protection granting trends over the years. Currently (2020) the greatest number of refugee status applications comes from (in declining order) Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, while mostly applications of Turkish, Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian and Tajikistani citizens are processed positively. It’s worth finding out that in 2020 only 16% of the submitted applications were processed positively. In 2021, countries, which lead in the figures related to the applications for international protection in Poland, include Belarus, Afghanistan and Iraq – you can read about the in the Bulletin as well.

The last part of the Bulletin is about the celebrations of the Migrant and Refugee Day, which took place in the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre of the Caritas Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Szczecin-Kamień on 30 September 2021. A photographic account of the event also features on our news section.

The Bulletin can be downloaded from the website of our project, but we’re also sending it digitally to organization, institutions and persons interested in the topic of refugees.

The complete third issue of the Bulletin can be found in the „download” section of our website.

Feel free to read it!