Information for foreigners

If you came to Poland to reside in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, study, work, or run your own business activity or you have the status of a refugee or granted subsidiary protection and you meet the criteria described in the „Project participants” tab, we’d like to invite you and your family to the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre located on Pl. Matki Teresy z Kalkuty 5 in Szczecin. Our advisors and consultants will devote their time and attention to specify the scope of assistance that we can provide you with.

While preparing for the visit to the Migrant and Refugee Assistance Centre, we’d like to ask you to make sure that you bring your travel documents, status-confirming documents and your residence permit as well as other documents that might be helpful in specifying and confirming your plans to reside in Poland. We’d also like to ask you to bring documents that describe your current situation.

During the meeting, together with an advisor you’ll specify the needs and ways of assistance, plan forms of help and get useful information as well as professional support.

In the “Offered assistance” tab, we have listed all forms of the offered help.