The fourth issue of the Information Bulletin

The fourth, and at the same time the last, issue of our Information Bulletin has been published. It is almost entirely about the phenomenon of forced migration – both in terms of definition and the law, as well as the nature of native countries/regions of forced migrants around the world. While still carrying on with the style of the previous Bulleting, it includes crucial information about those places, such as the structure of their nationalities, languages, faiths, but most importantly issues that lead to the difficulties and struggles of people living there as well as frequently occurring circumstances, which force them to leave the described territories. The following places are described in the Bulletin: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Guatemala, Honduras, Yemen, Myanmar, Chechen Republic, El Salvador, Somalia South Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela. In each one of them, there are different reasons for a difficult situation of the whole society or the selected social groups. It proves that the issue of forced migration is complex and multidimensional.

The Bulletin also contains information about the ecumenical prayer with migrants, which took place on 3 December 2021 at the Saint Cross perish church in Nicosia during the Apostolic Journey of Pope Francis to Cyprus. It’s worth mentioning that the effects of this journey are measurable – 50 people who previously stayed in Cyprus as refugees are to come to Italy.

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The complete fourth issue of the Bulletin can be found in the „download” section of our website.