Adaptation courses

As part of the project activities, we take up initiatives to support integration. One of them consists of our own adaptation courses planned for the target group of the project. However, during the organization phase it turned out that this type of course is also needed among activists from the “Azyl” group, who also became course participants. The courses have been carried out almost since the very beginning of the project – recently, 3 courses were carried out in October and 2 in November, and that ultimately allowed 12 planned courses to finish (this way, training of 120 people was planned).

Topics of the courses included, for instance, the social and education system, healthcare and social insurance, access to the labour market, characteristics of voivodeship institutions working for the integration of migrants, Polish tradition and culture. During their training, participants received a package with necessary information to facilitate contact with foreigner-oriented institutions and to learn about rights and duties connected with residence in Poland.

Organization and availability of such courses make up a crucial integration tool. Knowledge obtained by migrants allows for better orientation in a new environment and results in positive effects such as easier access to the labour market, familiarity with procedures, faster completion of administrative matters and more effective organization of everyday life. All of that favours better and more efficient integration.