More groups have started learning Polish

Another two groups started learning Polish as part of the support offered under the project.
Due to a large demand, we decided to launch an additional, fourth group, which also started classes on 26th October.

We are truly pleased with interest in learning the Polish language, because we are aware that it’s very important to know the language of the residence country, particularly in the case of adaptation and integration. Without such fluency, any migrant would feel alienated and without any chances to handle basic affairs, e.g., at the city hall or simple everyday business. It’s worth pointing out that the linguistic support for migrants and refugees should be offered at many levels and in a different way for each target group. Language courses can be organized both by public institutions (e.g. universities, schools) and non-governmental organizations of the integration sector from the externally obtained funds (e.g. Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund).  Demand in this area is immense, but social acceptance for such actions is also worth mentioning – in one of the Polish cities, we managed to hold a fund raising event for launching such courses. Sometimes, it’s possible to encounter good practices on the labour market, when employers organize such courses for their employees or offer them the possibility to take part in language classes. Moreover, it’s worth taking comprehensive action if, for instance, children of migrants learn the Polish language at school, then their parents shouldn’t be forgotten, maybe they also need such support, for example to cooperate with the school efficiently. Such coordinated actions can be found in, e.g., the integration model created by the French.

When it comes to the pandemic, in which most societies are living right now, launching languages courses using the face-to-face method, apart from allowing the participants to learn, enables “live” meetings, getting to know each other and creating a possible support network, which is a very important element of the efficient integration process.

Photo by Raziakhatun12 (CC BY-SA 4.0)